EXPRESSED with Yvonne Doherty

The workshop for Empowered Self-Expression

Off Grid, Bray, Co. Dublin

Saturday 23rd March, 1pm – 4pm

I am so excited for my upcoming workshop EXPRESSED in on Saturday March 23rd ✨️

I probably say it about all my workshops but this one is so important, not just because expression is one of my top values but because of the incredible ripple effects that are created when we confidently and authentically express ourselves.

When we don’t own our authentic expression, not only do we miss out on our own magic but we keep it from others too.

Authentic self-expression is a prerequisite for genuine connection.

When we continually suppress ourselves, we give ourselves the message that our voice, our preferences, our opinions and our unique perspectives do not matter.

How do you think you’re gonna feel if you stay committed to Silencing, suppressing and keeping yourself small?

How confident can you be in yourself if you never let your true self be known, seen or heard?

Learning to express myself has been one of the most liberating journeys I’ve taken.

And yes it does come with some vulnerability and fear, it can be uncomfortable and we might be speaking our truth with a shaky voice but in this workshop I’ll be teaching you how to own, embrace and enjoy it anyway.

We’ll work through the fears, shift your mindset and embed empowerment from the inside out so that you can finally, freely let yourself hear yourself and amplify your own authenticity.

There are spaces left, and if you book now you also get a BONUS mindset coaching call after the event to really cement your self-expression and give you the tools and support to create sustained change.

Book your space here