Ecstatic Dance & Yoga 4 weeks

Castlebar, Mayo

6-7pm Fridays (4 weeks)
24 March – 14 April

Transform Your Relationship with the Divine Feminine through Ecstatic Dance and Yoga!

Join our one-hour classes in Castlebar and experience the transformative power of these two practices combined. Beginners are welcome! Connect with your inner wisdom, creativity, and strength through embodied movement, breathwork, and meditation. Reclaim your power and embody the qualities of the goddess. Don’t miss out!

Combining ecstatic dance with yoga can create a unique and powerful practice that integrates movement, mindfulness, and self-expression. Here are some ideas for how to combine these two practices:

Begin with a grounding yoga sequence: Start your practice with a few minutes of seated meditation, followed by a grounding yoga sequence that focuses on connecting to your breath and body. This could include simple movements like cat-cow, downward dog, and forward folds.

Move into ecstatic dance: After you’ve warmed up with some yoga, transition into an ecstatic dance sequence. Put on some uplifting music and let your body move freely, without any judgment or self-consciousness. Allow yourself to express yourself fully and connect with the joy and energy of the music.

Incorporate yoga postures into your dance: As you dance, integrate yoga postures into your movement. For example, you could move into a warrior II pose as you reach your arms overhead, or flow into a standing forward fold as you reach your hands towards the ground.

End with a grounding yoga sequence: After you’ve danced, take a few minutes to come back to your breath and body with a gentle yoga sequence. This could include gentle stretches like seated forward folds, twists, and hip openers, or a brief shavasana (corpse pose) to fully relax and integrate the experience.

Remember, the goal of this practice is not to perform perfectly or achieve any particular outcome, but to simply move, breathe, and express yourself freely. Allow yourself to let go of any expectations and fully embrace the present moment.

Booking: // Instagram @youliaecstaticyoga // 087 977 0872
Location: Love Fitness Castlebar, Eircode: F23 Y030
TIme: 4 weeks 6-7pm Fridays, 24 March – 14 April
Cost: 60 euros