Ecstatic Dance with Joe Duggan

Ecstatic dance event with Cacao ceremony, Mindfulness practices, Guided meditation and Didgeridoo Sound bath

The Elbowroom, Stoneybatter, Dublin

June 1st, 4pm-8pm

Exchange: €30 

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Joseph Duggan is an adventurer into the parts of life less travelled. Developing his connection as a Reiki practitioner, Movement coach, Fitness trainer, DJ, Didgeridoo sound healing and deeper exploration into the practices of Mindfulness, Meditation and Spiritual discovery, he has been accumulating a map to cultivate alignment and balance in one’s life. Having lived in many places, being apart of many cultures in different roles, he has searched for the insight into how to live a life in harmony. When society’s approach to wellness fell short, the search for new ways to heal and grow became his priority from a very young age. Now, harnessing a lifetime of experiences, trial and error, success and failures, he is creating a facilitated journey through movement, sound and awareness. With any experience coming together as one, we co-create the collective experience and are equally important.

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