Cacao Dance Tribe

Igniting the Fires of our Hearts with Medicine, Music and Movement

A Secret Location in Co.Sligo

August 12th 6-9pm

Myself and @themysticnomade have joined forces to create a new offering in Sligo on August the 12th. I will guide you into the heart space with an opening Cacao Ceremony and guided movement. Followed by ecstatic dance with DJ Lille.

A little bit about this beautiful woman..

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of DJ Lille, a passionate artist who seamlessly blends the realms of spirituality and tribal rhythms.

Born from a profound connection to music and a thirst for spiritual exploration, Lille embarked on her DJ journey in 2018 in the vibrant land of Ireland. It was here that she discovered the power of music to facilitate personal growth and healing.

Drawing inspiration from ancient wisdom, mystical traditions, and the rhythms of nature, Lille curates a sonic tapestry that elevates consciousness and invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery. Each carefully selected track weaves together melodies, beats, and ethereal sounds, forming a harmonious blend that transports the audience to a higher plane of existence. With an intuitive understanding of the dance floor, she guides the crowd through a collective experience of unity and transcendence.

Lille serves as a spiritual guide, using their music as a conduit for personal growth and transformation. Her performances are transformative rituals that ignite the spirit on a profound journey as you dance to the rhythm of your own awakening.

Much love Mandy and Lidiane ❤️
Contact 0857760627 to book
Spaces limited