Blue Lotus Flower Shamanic Sound Journey (Rush)

Rush Community Centre, Co. Dublin

4 April 2023, 8-9:30pm


Sound is vibration and everything in the world, including us vibrates.

Join us in the liminal field. We’ll use vibrations of the sound and the Egyptian Blue Lotus flower to invite a direct experience of your own body-mind wisdom to bring clarity to your purpose and gifts.

Served as a ceremonial Tea the Blue Lotus flower warms your body with a light euphoric glow and allows you to access deeper parts of your subconscious. A gentle Dream Herb and Aphrodisiac, the Blue Lotus Flower has Balancing Healing properties, particularly in the areas of circulation, the immune system & reproductive organs. It nourishes, restores & rejuvenates our vital flowing energy, soothes the nervous system, and opens the pathways to inner vision.

We hold space for you while you rediscover your full potential, and expand your heart’s wisdom so you can experience, give, and receive love more easily and work through any trapped emotions that may be holding you back.

How does it work? 

Sound is vibration and everything in the world, including us, vibrates.
Through the use of sound, we can deeply relax our minds and bodies and connect to ourselves.

Each Elemental Sound Journey is unique improvisation. It is a deep sound meditation created in the moment of Now, for the audience present in the session.

The sonic palette includes sounds of Australian didgeridoo, Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, Native American flute, frame drum and many other instruments from around the world.

During the session, you can experience deep and non-ordinary states of consciousness. In those states, various emotional and energetic blocks may be released and therefore induce healing processes. Each experience is unique and individual.
You decide how deeply you allow yourself to open and experience the healing power of sound vibration.

Our body, mind, and spirit hold the energetic imprints of all of our experiences, and sound vibrations have a way of shaking things up. Because of this, they can induce a sense of bliss one minute and a feeling of unease the next. If these feelings do arise it’s happening because the environment is promoting a release, so just breathe through it rather than letting yourself be submerged in it. Bring your attention to the rhythm of your breathing.

For the most beneficial experience, we recommend lying on your back or in any comfortable relaxed position.

The Blue Lotus aka Blue Water Lily

The Egyptians recognized the remarkable capabilities of the Blue Water Lily (Nymphaea caerulea) in ancient times – its power to assist hold the senses and widen the hemispheres in order to educate the mind and develop a “special consciousness” through which one may speak with “cosmic awareness.”
As a result, the flower was extremely important in the “spiritual rites” of the Egyptian priestess and dancers, who employed her perfume and oils as a cleanser to wash and “purify the soul.”

These extracts were also used to cure “self wounds” such as sleeplessness, grief, and despair.

The two main compounds responsible for the flower’s psychoactive and medicinal effects are apomorphine and nuciferine.

Apomorphine. A psychoactive compound that acts as a dopamine agonist, meaning it can instil a happy and euphoric feeling. It may also help with muscle control in those with conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and erectile dysfunction.
Nuciferine. A compound thought to act as an antipsychotic drug that induces feelings of calmness through mechanisms that aren’t yet fully understood. It has also been shown to improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

It is not without reason that the lotus flower grows from the mud into this majestic flower, her essence makes us grow into our own radiant self so that we can expand and connect with all that is. 

This is a mystical journey guided by sound and a lot of magic.

• Peace of mind
• Dreamy, trance-like yet very lucid sensation
• Depression, anxiety, insomnia, and pain relief
• Deep restoration and rapid recovery
• Connection to the higher powers
• Awareness around your subtle energy body
• Spiritual insight and grounding
• Chakra balancing

• blanket for a cosy nest to lay in the sacred sound
• eye pillow and real pillows
• water
• open mind and heart
• a friend

Each ceremony is intuitively led and facilitated, an opportunity and invitation to surrender, to sit in deep curiosity, to trust and receive guidance from your highest self. They are held in a sacred container and no two are the same.

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