Ancestral Healing


6pm, 2 April

It’s time …

Heal and transmute ancestral trauma that still lives within our bodies and impacts our lives today.
The heavy and bigger than life emotions like fear and terror often have little context yet run our lives informing the choices we make from where you live, our job, to who we date. 

It’s time to update our beliefs so that we can live in greater harmony with the land, with our path and purpose. 

You are invited to gather in community and be held in a safe and nourishing container while we do big healing. Together we will free our body and lineage from some of the trauma of colonisation, land stolen, displacement, repression, famine and everything that bleeds into the housing crisis of modern Ireland. 

This is a donation-based offering with all proceeds going to Fight for our Forests by @gaelicwoodlandproject so please be as generous as you can. Fight for our Forests commemorates the 200th anniversary of the Great Famine in 2045 and is a flash fundraiser to buy and rewild a plot of land in Co. Meath. I’m sure many fellow human beings, whether born here or not, will be grateful to support such a meaningful cause and claim their family plot. 

*Although this event takes place on April 2, Gaelic Woodland Project are hoping to receive as many donations as possible by end of March to place a bid. If the bid doesn’t go through all funds will go towards buying another plot of land. 

You’re welcome to donate directly with Gaelic Woodland Project just send me a screenshot and I’ll grant you access to the session. The session will be recorded live and you will have access indefinitely. 

To sign up visit link in bio @sacredsessions_ireland