Month April 2024

Healing & Seeing Through Poetry

Poetry also allows me to approach the painful in myself, to gently explore it, understand its underlying quality, to uncover the shapes of grief or anger hidden beneath a difficult event or feeling. It allows the discovery of the nature of what I am trying to approach - to understand that “it is like this”, “it is like that” is incredibly helpful - it allows for greater insight.

Ceremonial Cacao & a Sustainable Model for Cacao Farmers

The craft sustainable chocolate sector allows farmers and consumers to be so much more connected. A much greater share of the consumer's spending power inevitably flows back to the farmer/processor at origin and the farmer's broader community. Greater onshoring of value-added processes as well as more traceability of the ingredients also allows the 'where' and 'how' cocoa is grown to become part of the consumer experience, enjoyment and eventually brand preference. After all, great chocolate will always taste even better when its doing good for the planet and people that made it possible.


My luck is a cardboard box / And food that is scarce / I don’t belong / In a world that does not care / That cannot distinguish / My pavement body / On the footpath

Introducing Tribal Twerk

In this dance we honour each chakra with their yin or yang characteristics. We also match them with a planet from our solar system for more personality. For example, the Root Chakra is a Yang powered energy and the planet attached to it is Mars, which is very much of a strong warrior personality. Therefore, the dance is high in energy, the song is heavy on drums like a motivational dance for a fight...

My Nana

In her small frame, a child-like grace / But her mind, a beacon to light this place / Filled with memories of old Dublin's streets / Where laughter danced to timeless beats