Ciara Lawless

Q. When & how did you get started creating this kind of work. 

I began the journey of songwriting at the age of 16 . I had started taking lessons in Classical & opera singing while also diving into the world of theatre and dance. Music has always been a way of expressing my emotions and so soon after i started writing melodys and lyrics started pouring out of me . In which began a total healing process for me , giving me a deeper understanding of the power of music to unearth emotions that are lying deep below the surface of our awareness.

Q. What is your creative process- getting ideas, when do you work, tell us about your medium, process (oils, acrylic, stone, sound etc)? 

Its an interesting one as its constantly changing. Inspiration comes from everywhere I go and my life experiences , which causes me to look at many perspectives at once. From that point, sometimes lyrics come first or other times ive had melodys float into my awareness at both prefect and inconvenient times. However ive learnt that you must take action in the present moment to capture them. With that I grab my guitar and begin recording all sorts. This can take either a short few mins or hours/days, no two songs are written the same way. 

Q. Do or how do your spiritual beliefs inform your work? 

I believe we come here to create and that we are a vessel in which ideas flow through from god. Its our responsibility to get out of our own way and ego to allow divine ideas to be birthed through us, into a physical reality, which comes in many forms. With those points of view i see everything i do in life as an opportunity for growth and learning . I have learnt the vitality of living a life of gratitude as that is true abundance and fulfillment comes from appreciation, so there are no mistakes in life only lessons.

Q. Any other observations on living a creative life? 

Its not all a bed of roses and its not suppossed to be, you have to learn to go with the eb and flow of creative energy. Its raw authentic ,outside of your comfort zone, constantly upskilling , networking and comes with frequently getting you to observe ways of doing things in new ways that challenge your habbits/routine.

Q. How can people connect with you & see or buy your work?

People can go to my website

Or check me out on all social media –


Blooms by Day, Music by Night 

(For Fans Of: Kate Bush, Florence, Tori Amos, Amy Lee, Sarah McLachlan, Eva Cassidy) 

Ciara Lawless will drop her next single, ‘With Love’ on the 3rd November. It’s her way  of saying thanks to her new and loyal followers who continue to champion her musical  journey. 

Ciara is due to perform at the famous Brown Thomas fashion Autumn/Winter  Collection event on October 20th at the Glenlo Abbey Hotel in Galway. She also  appears on the cover of the October issue of N magazine, which showcases Ireland’s  best creatives, a magazine that is available in the national gallery of Ireland. 

Showing a steady rise on the Irish music scene, Ciara lawless is making waves after a  successful run on the Irish summer festival circuit along with the release of her first  two singles, “Half The Man” and “I Am Your Healer”. 

Ciara has been sharpening her stage skills over the summer, performing at various  festivals including The Mná Festival at Dun na Sí, Co. Westmeath, The Lovestock  Festival in Tuamgraney, Co Clare, The Healing Spirit Festival in Co. Cavan and The  Hidden Hearth Festival in Co.Carlow. 

Ciara says, “The new song, ‘With Love’ is about the transformative power of love and  positivity in one’s life”.  

Ciara’s music journey began at a young age when she started taking classes in acting  and singing. She later developed an interest in classical and opera, training at the  Academy of Music in Tullamore, where she also competed in national and  international competitions. 

While some singers cut their chops while climbing the music ladder, Ciara earned her  singing stripes as a funeral singer, something that she is very proud and honoured to  do so. 

You can find Ciara’s music on all streaming platforms. Ciara’s Music is released and  distributed on Human Angel Records *********************** 

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Ciara Lawless
Ciara Lawless
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