Cacao’s Luteal Alchemical Journey

In the depths of moon’s mysterious gleam,
Within the luteal phase, a sacred dream,
A journey awaits, with cacao’s embrace,
A dance of hormones, a tranquil space.

Amidst the cycles that ebb and flow,
A gift of nature, a mystical show,
Ceremonial cacao, in my hands I hold,
To honour the wisdom, to unfold.

With each sip, an alchemical spell,
In the sacred temple, where stories dwell,
A potion crafted, with intention true,
To honour the woman, in shades of blue.

The luteal phase, a subtle terrain,
Of emotions dancing, a gentle strain,
Cacao’s elixir, a healer’s balm,
Guiding me inward, with gentle calm.

As the darkness falls upon the land,
Within my body, a rhythm, unplanned,
Ceremonial cacao, a magic key,
Unlocking the depths of femininity.

In the flickering candle’s tender glow,
I surrender to the wisdom’s flow,
Cacao’s essence, a mystical guide,
To honour the goddess, deep inside.

Bitter and rich, a taste profound,
Melting barriers, that once were bound,
Whispering secrets, only I can hear,
In the luteal phase, a sacred sphere.

The cradle of moon, where shadows play,
Ceremonial cacao lights my way,
Nurturing the body, soothing the soul,
As emotions rise and hormones roll.

Within this cycle, a sacred dance,
Cacao’s enchantment, a loving chance,
To honour the woman, fierce and true,

2 / 2
Embracing the luteal phase anew.

So let us gather, sisters in bloom,
In the luteal phase’s mystical room,
With ceremonial cacao, let us unite,
Embracing our power, in the pale moonlight.

For within the depths of this sacred space,
We find our solace, our divine grace,
Ceremonial cacao, a gift so grand,
Guiding us gently, with nurturing hand.

In the luteal phase, we come alive,
With ceremonial cacao, our spirits thrive,
Honouring the cycles, the ebb and flow,
In this sacred dance, our wisdom we sow.

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Siân Williams
Siân Williams
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