My inner journey with Cacao


Back in 2019, I found myself isolating, I was feeling angry with myself & with life.  Continuously filling everyone’s cups, while I was running on empty.

I was experiencing what I’d call a pity party for myself– probably one of the loneliest parties I’ve ever attended.

I felt stuck in life. I had a good job, two beautiful children and a loving home. On paper & from the outside looking in, my life looked wonderful.

After doing research for a good while on how the mind works I thought “ahhhh, if I fix my mind everything will be ok.” Little did I know our body holds the score! I knew this was going to be a long & intense journey, so I put my seat belt on & away I flowed.

During this time I met a lady as I was out for a walk who spoke about Cacao & how it had helped her with diabetes & also depression. This was a total stranger who put trust in me to tell her story. I listened & heard the message.

A few days later, I reached out to a lady who I’d heard sat with Cacao and asked her for information. That evening I went to pick up my Cacao and that’s when my journey began to unfold.

Sitting with my first cup of Cacao I set the intention to get out of my head and into my body, as I felt my mind had held me prisoner for a long time.

Up until now, I can wholeheartedly say the spirit of Cacao has guided me deep into my inner world. It has assisted me in peeling back the layers of armour I have carried for years as a trauma response. Her spirit has helped me to sit in moments of darkness & lightness with trust, love & compassion for myself & this process of life that we go through every second of the day. I don’t fear the unknown anymore, I’m open to giving & receiving love for my highest good and purpose. From the people in this world and also my spirit team.🙏

The  spirit of Mama Cacao has opened new doors for me. I can now step forward in this lifetime with a more positive mind set & a heart that is bursting with love & gratitude for all that has happened in my life: the good & the bad.

Cacao has guided me to a process of surrender & forgiveness toward situations that – yes, I will say – traumatised & broke me. Cacao turned me into someone that’s able, when I look back now, to cry for that young girl I was who lost her way with no guidance or support at her time of need.

Now I can hold my head up high, I can set boundaries without feeling bad for others. I know what my values & beliefs are, I’m finally true to myself .

Being a mother I’m more present, I can sit & hear what my children have to say instead of just mindless listening.I don’t put my fears on their story. I can sit back & watch without reacting or interfering in their journey.

Cacao has opened me up to all the possibilities in this amazing world. It pushes me to come out of my comfort zone & open my mind to reach out to other healing modalities and gifts that I’ve integrated into my own healing journey. I now share with other souls that show up to me for guidance in the most loving, supportive & gentle way.

I have learned to get out of my own way & let my spirit team & higher self-assist me in my everyday life.

To sit back & observe instead of being in the middle, to rest rather than burn myself out.

Letting my life force energy flow through me to create and evolve in the essence of my feminine energy in the most loving way.

As I have learned these past few years. I actually don’t have a clue what this life is all about.

But what I do know is that it’s important for me to stay humble and remain open to receiving guidance & support from my inner world & outer world.

Every single human & situation I encounter has a lesson or a message for me to hear.

We are all in vibration with the universe.

Let the frequencies & sounds guide us to dance our dance & sing our songs in this journey of life ❤️

Sitting with this heart open medicine has brought a new wonder to life.

As I add this healing modality to my 1.1s & group ceremonies I can feel & witness how the spirit of cacao can bring people together with openness, courage & hope this is why I have stepped forward to hold space with this medicine.

I hope people will step with me into the unknown and tap into the deepest parts of themselves & unfold the greatness that has been in the shadows for such a long time. This is where our true Selves have been hiding. It is time to shine again.

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Stacey O'Leary
Stacey O'Leary
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