Meeting a Master

In the twilight of her forty years,
A woman, wise beyond her tears,
Gathered courage, faced her fears,
To sit with Huachuma, the master seer.

With trembling hands, she set her path,
Through sacred valleys, where shadows laugh,
To meet the plant intelligence, ancient and vast,
In hopes of finding solace that would forever last.

Her heart, a tapestry of hopes untold,
Wrapped in whispers of stories old,
She sought the truth that lies within,
To uncover the depths of her soul’s kin.

She prepared the space with reverence and care,
A sacred altar, a tapestry rare,
Burning incense, the scent of dreams,
As she summoned the spirits, or so it seems.

The master plant, with its wisdom profound,
Whispered secrets without making a sound,
Ancient melodies, echoing through time,
Unravelled mysteries in prose and rhyme.

Huachuma spoke in visions and hues,
Revealing the tapestry of her soul’s muse,
Past and present interwoven, entwined,
Threads of her existence, forever bind.

She journeyed through memories, of joy, and strife,
Through the tapestry of her vibrant life,
Unravelling layers, embracing her truth,
In the arms of Huachuma, she found eternal youth.

She danced with shadows, embraced the light,
Through the depths of darkness, she took flight,
Rekindling sparks of forgotten desire,
Awakening passions, set her spirit on fire.

Forty years of lessons, pleasures, and scars,
Now etched upon her soul like ancient stars,
In Huachuma’s presence, she found release,
A healing balm, a gentle peace.

With gratitude, she bid farewell,
To the master plant intelligence, she fell,
Back into the world, transformed and whole,
Embracing her purpose, her heart’s true role.

And so, this woman, reborn anew,
Carries the wisdom of Huachuma through,
A vessel of light, a beacon of grace,
A testament to the power of sacred space.

In the twilight of her forty years,
She embraced the call, silenced her fears,
Forever changed, forever inspired,
By the master plant intelligence, Huachuma, admired.

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Siân Williams
Siân Williams
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