A true love affair

Sit with me in sacred space and a tale I shall unfold,
Of a love affair enchanted, with a cup of cocoa bold.
Ceremonial cacao, a healer of the heart,
I fell deeply into its embrace, like a mystical work of art.

With reverence and intention, I held the sacred drink,
Its aroma whispered secrets, like a mystic’s psychic link.
The earthy notes danced gently, on my eager tongue,
And as I sipped its essence, a melody was sung.

A love affair awakened, in the depths of my being,
Cacao’s healing powers, my spirit was freeing.
A warmth began to blossom, as it coursed through every vein,
Love’s elixir flowing, banishing all remnants of pain.

In each sip, a revelation, as layers began to peel,
Cacao’s gentle caress helps wounds to slowly heal.
Embracing vulnerability, I surrendered to its grace,
Love’s alchemical potion unveils a sacred space.

With every sacred ceremony, my heart it does expand,
Cacao’s tender kiss, a touch from love’s own hand.
I journeyed deep within, to hidden realms unknown,
The cacao beans are my guides, as I explored them, I was shown.

Visions wrapped in chocolate hues whispered tales untold,
Love’s wisdom unfurled, in each sacred cacao mould.
Past wounds were gently cradled, by love’s gentle touch,
Transforming pain into power and hurting hearts to clutch.

In cacao’s ancient embrace, I found solace and release,
Love’s essence swirling through me, offering sweet inner peace.
Healing rhythms pulsed within, a dance of blissful trance,
Ceremonial cacao, our souls entwined in cosmic dance.

With gratitude and reverence, I honour this sacred brew,
For the love it bestowed and the healing it did imbue.
Cacao, sweet medicine, a potion from the land,
This is an eternal dance of love with warm cacao held in my hand.

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Siân Williams
Siân Williams
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