Birthing the Sun

I’m so on the surface.
I grow and grow and
I’m feeling muddy and ruddy.
red earth. from the belly
to the belly. clay and jungle bugs
and mystery and awakening.
juice. from the fruits. of the trees. and the sounds at night
of snakes and animals delighting in moonlight frolicking.
I am your sin.
come closer girl.
shto devushka….ya tozhe baba yaga!
what girl? I am also Baba Yaga!
I will eat you if you get close, yes,
that’s right, close, closer.
step out of the light. down under
into the sun of oblivion and earth
where it is hot and fiery
and legs grow trunks into sky.
dance, girl, dance and let yourself fly.
That’s right. Go. Go. Grow.
get out of the rut.
rut with your man.
get out of the rut.
rut with your stuff.
strut and rut and cock a doodle doo!
that’s right. It’s crazy here, that’s right.
yup, that’s right. what do you know, girl,
what do you know? you know,
where you feel it, down there
where it is hot and ripe and
juicky and alive. yes, juice-ky.
invent words, girl.
get out of your own way lady!
come on, I am talking to you too.
now that I have your attention,
what do you want to do?
dance and sing and laugh
and make mirth.
myth and mirth. that’s write, girl. right?
ah huh, that’s how it goes,
that’s how it grows
too bad for the caterpillar in its cocoon.
don’t know if someone’s gonna eat you.
don’t know what you are gonna turn out to be.
don’t know if you will fly.
You might just keep on
Dissolvin. for the love of God,
dissolve some more, will ya?
keep drippin’ your stuff, capiche?
Ecco lo! E juisto. Sono anche Strega Nonna.
eh, that’s right. I’m Strega Nonna too.
jungle dance and jungle swim.
jungle monkey and jungle baby. jungle honey.
Jungley jungle bungle of a bungle
of a jungle of a mother red earth
what the fuck? wtf?
what the hell? Chort Vozmi!
what and where
and why?
stip stop. trip trop. hop. bop.
bippity boppity boo. bop!
you do believe in magic don’t you?
well, get on it then. go. step right up.
here we go again. around and around
and around she goes, where she stops nobody knows……
here I am in the wheel,
yes I am
and it is turning
and I am riding
and spinning
and down under there is fierce
light bubbling brewing offering
tempting me drowning me
drinking me becoming me.
into light I fly.
I am the heat of my passion
heart burning emboldening
skin with leopard print of steadfast courage
awake to the sun
it is time to run
tempted by jungle aromas
and cawcaws
and macaws
and paws
and yes
get out of your own way girl!
that is what I said.
if you remember only one thing it is this and I say it again
get out of your own way
fly and stop lyin’
stop tryin’
be what you came here to be.
who is that, girl?
oh wait, you aren’t a girl.
what are you then?
oh, caterpillar…
no wait…
butterfly, is it you?
now I see you!
so what are you waiting for?
what are you afraid of?
what keeps you bound?
fly and fly and fly to the sky to the
moon howl and then
rip it off tear it off
cut it off growl it off
shuck it off dance it off
asunder. hot fiery red hot cinnamon
yum. passion in oblivion
keep grinding
gyrating. pounding
gripping. exploring
exploding plums
against the sun
fucking hot
red hot cinnamon
sin sin city
come on
come on feel the noise
oh boy. come on Eileen
come on boys
come on, come one come all
come alive
yes! don’t be shy
scream it paint it on the sky

A poem by Stasha Ginsburg

Photo by Melissa van Niekerk on Unsplash

Image by LoggaWiggler from Pixabay

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Stasha Ginsburg
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