The Game!

Do you play the game? What game exactly, I hear you say,  the game of life? Maybe! Fair enough then, read on!

What kind of game player are you? Do you stand on the sidelines and wait for the ball, pass it to your team member, or do you grasp the ball with both hands and run with it yourself?

Being authentic has always been very important to me. Growing up, I was always encouraged to be unique, and not be afraid to do different things. To a certain extent that is!

Both my parents were very creative, so I watched and I learned. This has followed through in terms of my work. I don’t copy other people’s work, but I have been influenced by confident leaders and teachers. Especially by those who lead by example and live what they are teaching to other people.

Practising what I advise others to do is one of many unique selling points. I am very good at reading energetic information and then guiding clients with what I pick up. Having more than ‘one string to my bow’ I can organise a tailor-made treatment or session to suit the needs of the client.

The most joyful part of my work is empowering women. Especially those who have no idea how powerful they are! Just offering the client or student or class participant the opportunity to voice their opinion, and allow them to be heard, is a huge empowerment, even now in the 21st century! Something so simple can push a person to really look at themselves, and what they can potentially achieve. The realisation then that maybe further education is called for and later employment, independence, and a huge rise in self-esteem.  All that from one simple little thing!

Simple and easy have always been my work tools. Keep it simple and you will achieve it easily! That has worked for me for the past almost thirty years working with clients.  Helping clients to change, is easier when the leader shows by example. 

What does it feel like when you achieve a change you have wanted for a while? Uplifting, exhilarating, joyful, blissful? All of the above!

I’m not here to play the game, I am here to change the game!

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Vivienne Dempsey
Vivienne Dempsey
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