Meet the Artist: Mary Ahearne

Hi, my name is Mary Ahearne. I am a Westmeath-based artist. I have gained a QQI Level 8 degree in fine art and have exhibited work in different mediums across the county. Recently I have been working on a series of acrylic paintings exploring the process, allowing me to communicate my thoughts and ideas. My first work of this kind depicted healing and readjusting before starting afresh. Expressing the emotion of my life journey at the time. 

My paintings are a reflection of who I am and how I have grown as a person through life experience. My Work can be influenced by the people around me, past or present. It can also be a consideration of the happenings in the world. 

The colours I use, the tones of the human energy field, what does it look like? If I could perceive through sight as I do in mind, this is the basis for any colour used within my work. In my mind, they reflect a person or a particular circumstance that has come to my attention giving me that urge to put it on a canvas. 

An Angel is a form I use to depict the unseen energy of one’s life. This can be interpreted as the alternative healing we used to look after our mental health and well-being. 

I am in the process of creating a website for now I can be contacted via: 

Tel: (087) 1500586 




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Women accomplished many roles in their life, they are professionals, a pillar of society best friends, loving partners, sisters, daughters and mothers. We come into this world to succeed in our endeavours. We thrive to be the Queens of our own destiny.

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Mary Ahearne
Mary Ahearne
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