Hill of Tara inspired Ceremonial Cacao


Hello everyone….the sun is shining, things are good..

After a recent trip to the Hill of Tara with two friends to do a Cacao, Drumming and small Fire Ceremony I knew I had to take some sort of inspiration from the land, the hill itself and the vast knowledge that one of my accompanying friends possessed on the Hill and surrounding area. A very powerful and inspirational day was had. I knew I would be inspired to concoct a recipe using ingredients from the Hill of Tara itself and also inspired by the Hill.

On the particular morning I also wished to boost my cognitive function because I was drinking this recipe as I wrote my last blog post….

Ingredients from left to right

  • Blue Lotus flowers
  • Reishi mushroom spore powder
  • Honey bought from the Hill of Tara
  • Concentrated Rosemary extract 
  • Concentrated blueberry extract
  • Açai berry powder 
  • Hawthorn tree tincture 
  • Water taken from one of the wells located at the Hill of Tara

For decoration

  • Pachamama Ceremonial cacao block
  • Blue lotus flowers 
  • Finished cup of cacao


For this recipe I just used the water from the hill (explanation coming with intention segment below) heat 200ml of water in a pan gently. Chop and add 20 to 28 g of ceremonial cacao and whisk until dissolved. Add required amount of honey. Reishi mushroom powder, two drops of rosemary essence, two drops of blueberry essence, a flat teaspoon of acai powder and a drop or two from hawthorn Tincher. Mix together thoroughly but gently and whisk/froth. When finished place you loads of flowers on top. Sit back and enjoy.


I realise that not everybody has concentrated rosemary or blueberry essences readily available in their kitchen. Simply replace with dried or fresh rosemary to infuse and pulp some fresh blueberries and mix in. It nearly killed me not rose to this recipe as I nearly add rose to everything but something told me to give the blueberry and rosemary their space. I was so glad I did. As much as you love something (Rose) taking a break from it is always good and the combination of blueberry and Rosemary blew my socks off from a flavour point of view.


The frequency of the water from the Hill of Tara is said to have special healing properties. If you mix it with your cacao or indeed drink it you will feel it, trust me. The honey bought from the stall at the entrance has produced locally and Carries the hills energy. 90% of the trees on the hill or Hawthorne which is of course the most mystical and praised Celtic mythology trees. They are often referred to as the most important/original fairy tree. This is why I did not add milk or use my usual plethora of ingredients. 

All other ingredients added where for cognitive function, immune system and flavour……the meeting of Blueberry and Rosemary has already been revisited by me it’s just so good!

Up Next

A very simple recipe for day to day consummation of Ceremonial Cacao not steeped in methodology or with added exotic ingredients….. just for a change 

Thank you with eternal love, grace and gratitude 


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