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Hello again everyone. We all need grounding and a detox of body and mind from time to time. If you’re anything like me then you’ll need to constantly be aware of grounding and coming back into your body. Sometimes even positive thoughts (they all don’t have to be negative) swirling around and around in my head can make it spin. 

The recipe below I put together one morning after having a particularly bad night’s sleep which featured several dreams that left me in need of some of some warmth, grounding and feeling like I need to detox both my mind and body. I’m a morning person at heart and usually wake up with a smile on my face. The mornings where I feel that the smile has been taken away from me by a disturbed night’s sleep really seem to Jar with my personality on multiple levels.  The below recipe helped me shake it off….

Ingredients from left to right:

  • Cardamom pods – antioxidant and lowers blood pressure
  • Oat milk 
  • Black pepper – activates Turmeric, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
  • Nutmeg – antioxidant, anti-bacterial, cognitive health
  • Turmeric – contains bioactive compounds with medicinal properties, antioxidant, joint relief
  • Cayenne pepper – Rich in vitamins, immune system health, vital organ health
  • Sea salt flakes – raspatory system health, grounding
  • Honey – immune system boosting, antioxidant, heart health
  • Rosewater – roses have the highest frequency of all flowers, if looking to shift your mood…. increase your frequency 
  • Cinnamon sticks – antioxidant, cognitive health, Circulatory system 
  • Blue Lotus flowers – contains natural dopamine, antioxidants and natural anti-psychotic compounds
  • Ginger –  various medicinal properties, protect against heart disease and indigestion 

On Chopping Board…

  • Star Anise – rich in bioactive compounds and anti-viral capabilities
  • Cacao block, finished cup of cocoa, blue lotus flowers, pestle and mortar with Cardamom pods…. (Pictured for decoration)


Gently heat 100ml of clean water in a pan. Add chopped cacao (for this I used 20g) and whisk until dissolved. Add required amount of rose water and honey and stir. Add a pinch of nutmeg, Turmeric and Cayenne pepper, Ginger and twist a of black pepper. Stir to blend together. Add cinnamon stick, crushed cardamom pods and star anise. Leave to infuse for a couple of minutes before adding oat milk or nut milk of choice. When mixture has reached the required temperature use a frothier or whisk if looking for a foam on top.

Strain from pot into a cup through a sieve to catch the cinnamon stick, star anise and Cardamom pods. Add blue lotus flowers on top. Sit down, take it easy and enjoy.


Although I used this in the morning to help ground and detoxify. The ingredients work just as well if coming home from a hard days work. Or indeed a day you feel like you could do with a warming, spiced centring to get you back into your body.  We all get lost in our minds sometimes and need to take some time to sit, relax and take a break. If possible get those shoes and socks off, find yourself some grass and enjoy this recipe was feeling the Earth beneath your feet.

Up Next

…… quite a bit. Cacao ceremonies, holistic interior design information and tips, sweet and savoury recipes both with Cacao and other heart opening and health beneficial ingredients.

Thank you with eternal Love, Grace and gratitude


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