My Healing Journey with Amatsu

Hello! My name is Nika. 

I am delighted and honoured to be part of the Saoro community.

I feel that my biggest achievement in life was having the luck, and the guts to move from a life that I hated to a life that I love. The adventure I am living now was not always this way.

My life journey had been a sinusoid that sent me around the hells and the heavens of the earth many times. Erratic as it was, I was accompanied by a feeling that I was not where I could be. That the foggy road I have been walking down was very close, but yet stubbornly parallel to the one I could be on. A niggling mismatch, a deep knowing there had to be a better way of living, rather than the physical and emotional torment I was constantly finding myself in. I had tried it all. Yoga, meditation, reiki, drug alcoholism, conventional therapy….

You name it, I’ve been at the workshop.

Albeit some of these modalities held value, something was still profoundly missing. 

When I discovered Amatsu, I knew deep in my core that it was, in fact, what I had been searching for.

The perfect blend of esoteric and tangible, a fusion of ancient sacred eastern teachings with modern knowledge, physics, anatomy, movement, theory and practice, mind and body, psyche and emotions.. 

This was for me.

The very first Amatsu treatment I received from Seán Beakey in the Daghda Amatsu Injury Clinic not only made an immediate physical change for the better, but also gave me a profound sense of intrinsic value that I had never experienced before.

I knew I had to learn this sorcery. 

I was extremely lucky to have been able to study under the best of the best. 

When I asked my practitioner , Seán Beakey if there was a way to learn this modality, it turned out I was in luck , as there was in fact a school where he taught what was in my eyes pure magic. 

I embarked on the road of learning and simultaneously to my path of healing, and today I am proud to carry on the legacy of authentic Amatsu as a practitioner and also as a tutor in GAIA – Global Academy of Integrated Amatsu.

As Arthur Shopenhauer famously said life is lived forward and understood backwards. 

As I look back at the world I came from and consider where I was heading. I am in awe of the world I find my myself flourishing in today. The redefined purpose and value inspires me every day. These days I co-present the Biota Method, a mechanism to help a person flourish in mind and body and where I get to celebrate my journey.

So today, almost 20 years on from the day that changed my life around , I am a well balanced practitioner, tutor, and workshop facilitator.

Every day I still observe in wonder and awe, how Amatsu offers the client the opportunity to move away from an injury, condition or disease in a deliberate and structured way very successfully. 

It also offers an understanding that one can move away from pain and discomfort and into function and comfort . As your body changes, so does your life and as a consequence, so does your world.. 

The human body is an amazing piece of bioengineering – I firmly believe we owe it to ourselves to keep it well, fit and balanced. Essentially running as smoothly as nature intended.

We all deserve this as a minimum. It is our design.

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Nika Ros
Nika Ros
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