A Journey with Meadow: An Exploration of Manifestation through Creative Writing

In the stillness of the morning, before the sun has fully risen, I stand barefoot on the dew-covered grass and breathe in the sweet, earthy scent of the moist grass below my feet. I am Meadow, and in this moment, I am fully alive and in tune with the natural world.

As I stretch my arms towards the sky, I feel the warmth of the sun’s first rays on my face and the coolness of the morning air on my skin. I am grateful for this moment of peace and connection with nature.

As I go about my day, I strive to embody the qualities that I admire in nature: resilience, adaptability, and beauty in all forms. Just like the trees that bend in the wind but remain rooted in the Earth, I am flexible yet grounded. Just like the flowers that bloom in the harshest of environments, I am beautifully strong and determined.

The wind was warm on my face as I stepped onto the sandy path, the sound of crashing waves creating a soothing melody in my ears, my favourite soundtrack. As I walked, I allowed myself to be fully present in the moment, feeling the sand between my toes and the sun’s warmth on my skin. This was my time to connect with Nature, to connect with Gaia, to connect with Myself.

And as I sat on my favourite rock, Meadow appeared before me, the girl from my recent creative writing piece. We looked out at the sea together, feeling the enveloping peace and tranquillity that comes with being one with nature.

Meadow was more than just a character in my writing. She was a manifestation of my desire to connect with the natural world and my highest potential on a much deeper level than ever before.

Through creative writing, I was able to bring her to life and explore this desire in a way that felt authentic and powerful. It felt like I couldn’t stop writing, so I did.

As I sat with Meadow on the beach, I reflected on the process of bringing her into existence through my writing. It was a journey of self-discovery and manifestation, as I allowed myself to tap into my deepest desires and put them into words.

Thus was the Name of Ra taken from him and given to Isis, and she, the great Enchantress, cried aloud the Word of Power, and the poison obeyed, and Ra was healed by the might of his Name.

Through this journey, I remembered that naming is an act of creation. By giving Meadow a name and a story, I brought her into existence in a way that was suddenly very tangible and real.

It’s the same way we create our own realities through the names we give ourselves and others. Whether it’s the name of a new project, a character in a story, or the name we choose to go by, naming has the power to bring something new into existence.

So I invite you to try this practice for yourself. Find a quiet spot, close your eyes, and visualize your own Meadow. Let her guide you on a journey of self-discovery and manifestation through creative writing. Who knows where this journey may take you?

“Minds are like flowers, they only open when the time is right.”

Stephen Richards

As I stood up to leave my spot on the beach, Meadow smiled at me and gave me a wink. I knew that she would always be with me, a reminder of the power of manifestation and the beauty of creative expression.

So go ahead, take a moment to consider the power of naming in your own life. What names do you give yourself and others? How can you use naming as a tool for self-expression and creation? With a little creativity and imagination, the possibilities are endless.


A Girl named Meadow

“The World needs to experience the wholeness of you – from your perspective.”

Lilith Wild

She is One with All.

What do you see in your mind’s eye when you hear of a girl named Meadow?

What is the colour of her eyes, would you care to guess? Wide, curious eyes, smiling full of wonder.

What shade is her hair? Is it messy? Does it smell like raspberries?

Can you tell what are her favourite colours only by imagining what she possibly could wear right this very moment?

I bet you think she’s an artist of some sort. Meadow. Lyrical humm of a depth of devotion.

Maybe she writes poetry, or moulds clay into intricate sea glass art that lights up her every room, or maybe she captures the moments and instants of breath in another magickal way. Who knows!

A girl who feels it all. Everyone, and everything.

ALL the time.

The unnecessary noise, the overhead light, or the sound when you speak after taking a bite, can be overwhelming.

So she learned to vanish for a while so her vessel can drift in the wind of overloaded Now without much damage.

A girl, who is one with Gaia.

The girl, who speaks with the world by feeling.

Who touches and craves being touched and worshipped like she worships the Divine in Her every aspect, even the broken, hurt and the misunderstood.

Do you suspect she owns a broom or a cauldron? With her head dressed in wildflowers, does she howl at the Moon? Would you find yourself in her tipi for a tea she brews from the plants she foraged that morning?

Do you think she likes dancing? I don’t mean her following any rules, not at all, it’s futile, she operates on her own set. But I bet when it comes to dancing she is at her rawest; proficient in the boogie to the beat of her heart’s drum.

Meadow, the girl who watches herself in the mirror dancing. Fully naked, free of shame and full of adoration. Who likes to sweat, panting awaits the ache of her every squishy bit. Oh, she loves it, doesn’t she! You can see her fit body and can only imagine what she’s capable of.

Strong, powerful, seductive Messenger of Light.

The Embodiment of Artistic Expression of the Illumination.

Dancing in the everlasting luck that keeps on effortlessly making her dreams come true.

So she dreams big, without fear of her grandiosity.

Who records her voice with reflections of the current Now for recollection in the Future Now. For not following the same patterns any longer. To remember what she already knows. And to learn about herself and her forgotten, or never really developed, needs and wants.

Without fully understanding how it all really works, creating her reality with clarity, focused, and finally without the rush that was fuelling most of her life.

Before she became Meadow.

In Meadow’s life, there are people who support and respect her and her boundaries. People who know her significance and who blow into her wings so she can fly higher and higher into her full potential.

Her house is caressed by fruitful vines and flowering bushes. Her land is nurtured in loving reciprocation to her happy and fulfilled life.

The Universe spoils her and she calls herself The Luckiest Girl on Earth. Rightfully so!

Everything seems to happen for her at the most perfect Divine Timing that she so truthfully believes in. Money flows to her effortlessly and lavishly in every sleeping or waking moment. She is safe in who she is, outside of societal norms and expectations. She lives her life fully and authentically.

Meadow is fully aware she is the creator of her life you see.

And with full responsibility, she connects with her truth and tells her story of who she is becoming, instead of who she always was.

She doesn’t believe her past could ever define her, since she’s changed at least a thousand times already.

So she carves new paths and grasps new understandings and jumps when she knows she could fly and rests when her vessel asks her to.

She is no longer bound by any agreement, curse, or karmic cycle, as she fully reclaimed all of her parts and claimed back all of her power that she so firmly stands in Now.

Meadow decided one day that her life can be strewn with roses and that it can smell like Lilac and Geranium or freshly brewed coffee in the back garden overlooking a calm sea. On a sunny early Spring morning like today.

She understood that life needs her for exactly who she is, striving to be better each day — but only when she feels like it. Because Meadow would never, ever do anything that would make her lie to herself. Or to abandon her truth.

Growing her own food, caring for her animals, writing and singing her heart up, she is content and the happiest she ever was.

Meadow is calm and her voice is soft because she knows it does not have to rise to be acknowledged.

She is not proving anything to anybody, she is secure in her essence, knowing that she is here to learn.

So she learns how to breathe deeper into her presence, how to move and touch her beautiful curvy and fit body to release what is stuck in the creases of her being, and how to see what hides in her darkest moist depths.

She knows she is not the perfect Mother yet she is certain she is the best she can be because she consciously chooses to be. She strives to be the happiest in that space so her children can grow into their truest selves and their highest potential. Feeling accepted for who they are and loved with full force.

You can almost taste her gratitude, as her every move just drips with it and you almost feel like the air you’re breathing is filled with nanodroplets of her essence.

She acknowledges and gives thanks to the choices she made that made her who she is right now. Calm, at peace, joyful expression of Her Light.

Meadow is free.

Free of entanglements of the past she once owned, detached from the identities she visits in her Dreamtime. Fully herself in the current NOW.

The Wild, Wise Woman. The Green Dragon Rider.

She awaits magick and has no expectations because she is aware of her mind’s limitations and trusts in Divine Plan that evolves and expands to her fulfilment.

Meadow is sharing her gifts shamelessly with the world, knowing that her essence is the light for many who are lost in their darkness. She is a free spirit who admitted a long time ago her flaws and imperfections make her only unique, and not a failure.

By Agata, @the.extravaganja


Images: Extravaganga // Manuel Meurisse on Unsplash

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