In the Ocean of Becoming

In the ocean of becoming
All life rises together
Falls together. Not one without the other
Not other without the one.
Clouds melted
Danced in the wild Tazo winds
Nothing as it seemed
Yet everything so clear
Bliss invited, welcomed
As seconds opened
Into moments magnificent
Breaking open
Hearts and minds
Minds, no longer interested in staying behind
Closed doors and walls
And bodies
Weighted by memory
That do nothing
But hold a moment stuck in time
In bygone places.
Opening now into this momentous
Moment of life’s longing for itself.
Arising from bones and blood
And flesh
Coming through to union
To one with the other
Return to the one.

A Poem by Mary Sky

Images : JM Lova / Mario Purisic on Unsplash

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Mary Sky
Mary Sky
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