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Hello, I am Laura, known as The Barley Moon, a spiritual artist, illustrator and tarot reader. 

 I have always been artistic, art is my way to calm my thoughts and something I enjoy losing myself in. It’s something that comes naturally to me but I never used to celebrate that when I was younger. Instead I used to compare myself to other artists and decide I wasn’t good enough. In my early twenties I missed out on so many opportunities to explore and expand my art, all because I didn’t have the confidence in myself to pursue it. 

Fast forward to 2019 and my marriage was breaking down, it was traumatic and raw, difficult to process, even though my intuition had been trying to tell me it was coming for months. I had lost myself, I didn’t know who I was anymore and as I experienced my world (and myself) falling apart, the soothing call of art started to whisper in my ear. This was when I also experienced my spiritual awakening and I found tarot. It was a game changer and I haven’t looked back. 

As I simultaneously re-discovered my art, I also discovered a natural gift with tarot, I was coming back home to myself and the light was starting to reignite within me. I began an Instagram page where I would post a daily doodle to illustrate an affirmation, which then grew into sharing my tarot readings. Today I offer a number of different readings for clients, but my favourite has to be my In-Depth Reading with Channelled Art. I create a digital drawing of the image I get in my mind. This comes to me while I interpret the message from the cards, it has combined my two favourite modalities; art and tarot. 

In September 2022 I began my first year of a career break from Primary School teaching, it was time to go all in and bring to life my dreams of illustrating for others, creating my own art and being able to offer tarot readings to help others like it helped me (and still does). I am building up a website to showcase my art and continuing to build my presence on social media. On Instagram I post a daily message (with tarot or oracle cards), collective messages and offer personal readings. I am so excited to see where it can all go and see my creativity flourish increasingly, as I come into alignment with my soul path. When I look back to where I was before all this, I’m so happy that I had to go through such a huge “Tower” moment to now have risen up out of the ashes, stronger, happier and following my soul purpose.

 I was recently interviewed for a podcast called “How To Be A Healer” and if you would like to learn more about my tarot journey, you can listen to that episode here:

What Laura offers

Tarot Readings

My mission is to help people to tune into their Higher-Self and the messages that best serve them on their journey. I read from a distance by using ritual and meditation to tune into my client’s energy.

I then use a multiple of decks to really delve deep into the messages that are coming through and interpret these in a beautifully presented typed document. Those that request an In-Depth Reading with Channeled Artwork, also receive a digital piece of art (that they can print and frame if they so wish) and as with all my readings, the document can be really insightful over the months to come and useful to refer to.

I also give journal prompts tailored to each reading as I am a huge fan of tarot journaling and I think it’s a great way to really delve even deeper to discover the answers within.


My dream is to illustrate oracle, tarot and affirmation decks and so I have begun the draft stages of creating my own but would love to work with others in the spiritual field to help them bring their own deck dreams to life too.

I also have experience of illustrating book covers and a children’s book so would love to do more illustration work like this too. If you have an idea for a book and need an illustrator please do get in touch.

Examples of my work can be found on my website:


I was recently asked to create a piece of art to reflect the natal birth chart of a granddaughter, as a unique gift from her grandmother. I was asked to paint the solar system and then on each planet add the appropriate zodiac glyph and house, unique to her.

I am so pleased with the finished result (see photo) and as a result I am now offering these as something I can create for others too. I am also busy creating another version in a different style that uses more muted tones, almost like an old map in it’s appearance. All will be revealed soon. 

How you can connect with Laura:

Instagram:  @thebarleymoon and @thebarleymoonart

Facebook: Laura Phillips The Barley Moon



Work Examples: Pen and Ink

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