Do not fight life
Fight with all that is within you, that is against Life.
Abuse, cruelty, injustices, homelessness, war, ignorance. These are anti-life.
Life wants to breathe you; Life wants to experience you.
Do not fight with life or yourself, for you are this Life.
Be breathed by the vastness.
As you are breathed, what is not Life will slip away.
There is more of you available to truly live to stand tall against the cruelties and atrocities that we witness daily and which we somehow so often feel helpless against.
A kind of paralysis sets in. A loss of soul.
For what we see outside is also inside of us. Our own wars, cruelties, ignorance’s and abuses against ourselves.
Forge on and gather the resources and forces within you to live this LIFE fully.
This gift of LIFE
Fully without fear and resistance to self.
We are magnificent. Live it!

A Poem by Mary Sky

Images : JM Lova / Mario Purisic on Unsplash

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Mary Sky
Mary Sky
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