Meeting Huachuma

Sitting to write this I wonder as to the nature of Huachuma!

How to write about such a thing as a master plant intelligence, consciousness. This intelligence which meets each person as they are at the deepest level. How is this possible?
I often feel that there is no-thing to say about Huachuma, only a state of pure expansive presence. But for the sake of some kind of information and clarity for those who have yet meet this strange and wonderous being I aspire to write what it is I know and what is that had been my experiences in encountering this healing medicine.

This is to attempt at putting into writing, into form this teacher that is Huachuma.
To a teacher we come as student, to learn through experience that which we did not know before. A teacher, as I have come to know, is that which holds the medicine through which we uncover and unravel our own unique path to knowing. So, we too can inhabit the wisdom inherent within as we uncover the conditioning that has encased us in cultural repetitions.

Huachuma for me shows the way of the heart, the path to our humanness. The road less travelled but worth the ever unfolding of this mystery. The never-ending story.
I have come to know and experience Huachuma as a bridge of sorts. A bridge that the emotional body can navigate on a path to liberation, to soul freedom. When I speak of emotion, I refer to energy movement; E-Motion. Energy in motion. Expression of emotion is nothing other than energy that has been in contraction being freed to express itself. We, call this anger, sadness, depression, anxiety etc etc. It can also of course, express as joy, elation, happiness etc.

So many caught in the contractions we have been conditioned to repress, and to fear the magnitude of our emotional body. Mental intelligence has been revered over emotional intelligence. Never have we been educated to feel, only to think or to repeat! Not to intelligently and with the curious inquisitiveness of a child to explore the emotional states. Enter Huachuma.

Huachuma in its wonder assists us in coming, along with the breath, to encounter the emotional body of scars and trauma, shock, fragmentation, susto, soul loss and dissociation. All of which are rampant in our societies. Soul Loss (see

The Samsara of scars. As Thomas Hubl, a modern day mystic often says, “ We are all born into scar tissue”.

Thomas Hübl | Contemporary Spiritual Teacher (

This is one way of understanding our inherited traumas and scars that we can meet with more compassion and kindness. Huachuma is a medicine of the heart that can help us to meet these parts of the self, locked in self-hatred and self-destructive behaviours. Huachuma, along with the other plant teachers that are coming to our awareness these days helping us to loosen the tight hold of our conditioning. Helping us to navigate the pain body, to release what no longer serves us and to embody our souls and walk our path with authenticity and kindness toward the self and as a result to others.

Helping us to not get locked into our stories. Helps give perspective and to see things, see the world from a new, more expansive place within ourselves.
Huachuma wipes the eyes and the heart clean if we allow it to. Resistance to letting go of our attachments to identities that no longer serve us.
Strangely enough we hold resistance to letting go, letting go of the patterns and behaviours’ that no longer serve. Holding onto identities that have outlived their usefulness, but now hold us in a compromised version of ourselves.

Huachuma, also known more commonly as San Pedro, is a medicine of the heart. Called San Pedro by the Spaniards when they plundered the Americas. On asking the indigenous peoples what they were taking, they were informed that this was their medicine that gives them the keys to the kingdom of heaven. They, in their arrogance thought it must have something to do with St Peter hence calling it San Pedro.

Huachuma, if indeed it has a meaning in translation, could be known as that which cuts off the head in favour of the heart. The longest journey is that, that joins the head to the heart. Huachuma is a medicine that facilitates us doing just that.

Huachuma will in fact, offer you the keys to the kingdom of heaven, but dear traveller, it is up to each one of us to use those keys and enter the kingdom. This kingdom being the garden of our own wise heart that opens the eyes and allows us to see more clearly this wondrous planet and body that we are privileged to visit.
In many of the spiritual traditions and realms it is the heart is the true mind. The thinking and muddling and mulling we do is, well, only that, thinking. The monkey mind intent on driving us further and further away from our true nature, our true heart/mind. So often I witness the battle of the mind over the heart, fighting with body for precedence.
The monkey mind, that crooked politician, from which you will never get a straight answer. This mind, this thinking intent on keeping us locked away from the intelligent emotional body. The part of us that knows and holds all our history, our fears, our traumas, our ancestral darkness and light. This intelligent body, these wisdom cells that have been allocated a place in the unconscious by a culture that reveres the mind, the intellect at the cost of the intelligent heart and body.

“Our mind is our best friend, or our worst enemy”.

What I have learned, and I continue to explore more and more, is how the magic of our thoughts create our world. Do we create freedom or do we create imprisonment. Are we in fact our own jailer? We form and are formed in systems, familial, cultural, and global. Do these systems benefit us? Do they work for our highest good and that of the planet?
Maestra Huachuma is one of the great teachers of our time that can assist us in answering this question for ourselves. We must, come to our own knowing’s, that will lead us to our own path of awakening. Many paths, one destination.

Through our own inquiry and exploration, can we come to our own knowing, our own answers in the labyrinth we call our life. For too long we have listened to and followed the “other”, at the cost of our deepest nature.

Huachuma is a medicine that’s cuts through the debris that hides the longings of the deep heart and soul. Helps us to shine light on the shadows of our own mind that blocks the light from warming and melting the pain.

Wisdom, I would say, IS the heart of Huachuma.

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