The Element of Water in Natural Astrology

The Water element is an orchestrator. Nature’s intelligence weaving through Fire, Air and Earth into your inner solarpath and outer world. The way of Water is strong and physical energy flow, this is where electricity borrows the term current for its’ measure. The emotional vibrations that Water brings is energy in motion, where movements like music, conduct universal energy principles found in all of the Elements. Just as your body is made of water, sustaining your lifeforce, so too does the celestial body of Mother Earth and other planets thrive by the presence of living water in them. The great Water spirit can be found in all forms of nature physically, and in her psyche of the ancient Greek god of the Sea Neptune, and the god of dreams Orpheaus. 

Nature spirits, known as Elementals whose energy composition resonates with their work, are found in each of the Elements respectively. They collaborate and celebrate natural orders of beauty and chaos in nature, of which, Water is a part. Elementals harmonize Earth’s natives with the energy of planets whose Elements they share in essence. Therefore, the Water Elementals encourage the presence of your natal Water planets to bring their dimensions of experience into your life. In doing so they imbue colors, and qualities of experience from the Zodiacs Water planets rule. Your home planet is indeed a Water one, with undiscovered sea worlds waiting to be discovered. .

In the Watery Houses emotion equals energy in motion toward that area of your life. Tidal like, water is flowing into your fields experience, be it personal spheres, social dramas or universal life itself. Water like plants, responds to conscious intent and vibrations. When you work with water or bless it, intuitively is creates tributaries in the aether from your soul-self to the outer banks of the universal, where your solar path connects with the collective consciousness in Neptune’s sea of dreams. Wonderfully, by watering your soul-self with creativity and Neptune’s vibes you grow in oneness. A golden compass finds your authentic place in this local neighborhood of the universe, aligning you with your solar path in this solar system. 

It’s interesting to consider two of the three gods of change are Water planets; Neptune and Pluto. In local space and beyond, the Elements in natural astrology form the basis of matter throughout the entire physical existence of this realm. In alchemy Water especially transforms through solid, liquid and gas states and even has the potential to achieve a plasma-like state. As the third densest element after Fire and then Air, it materializes in this three dimensional space intelligently harnessing and hardening on Earth. And like an egg shell it brings forth life.  

Each element is sacred, special, and important in its own way, required to provide advanced organisms on this planet the basics for life to exist. Through the warmth of fire our bodies use heat to regulate temperatures and assist in decomposition of material foods. By the breath of air we connect our body, mind and soul. The love and sustenance of Earth is your home by Mother Nature. All orchestrated by life giving force and energy flows of the Water element in astrology. 

The Water Elementals 

Astrology is a language of the soul, allowing the universe within and without you to communicate through patterns of energy. The Elementals are nature spirits that allow Nature’s intelligence to communicate through the Zodiac, believed to be the soul of nature. The realm of the Elementals is intangible not of the material world and therefore cannot be appreciated by your five physical senses, unless your inner work attains a heightened state of consciousness. The existence of the Elemental kingdom is intimate with nature behind the veil of existence. To become close to nature’s spirits, is to close off inauthentic bonds to the elements themselves in the material world. Take nature baths and be at one with your soul-self. 

The marine biologist has one explanation for continental drift moving Earth’s continents relative to each other, and the elemental kingdom has another attributing the work to energy forms, who help regulate water-based ecosystems on this plane of existence on planet Earth. Water elementals are known as Undines, are also represented by Mermaids. 

These elementals perhaps exist through the fourth state of water as plasma-like vibrations, spiritually similar to Fire; this state is said to be the transition between the aethereal and physical world. When the moment comes to interact, time will feel twighlighted by creative color, the living sound of water and neptunium dreamlike scenes will surround you. Your whispering soul will be heard loud and you will know a water elemental is near to guide you, as a mermaid, lonely sea turtle or water bubble bringing solarpath light energy to you, by the medium of water. 

The Water Planets  

The Water planets are those whose type of energies or dimensions of experience relate to emotional intelligence, dreams and transformation. 

The Moon is your subconscious mind, your body intelligence and emotional connection to the feminine spirit in all gender types. As the Earth is to your body, the Moon is to your emotions. The Moon is an extension of the Great Mother bridging the bond between your body and the universe in duality with the Sun. The breath of life is an ebb & flow of energy between body & soul. The lunar force of nature moves oceanic tides and correlates to the menstrual cycle in humans. Silver is the alchemical metal known to bring lunar energy into transformations. Work with the Moon to lighten your mood, by understanding your subconscious feelings a little more each time. It even relates to improving your flow of money in that sense. Bathing in moonlight brings moonbeams to your body, where your moontan expands your psyche supported by the Moon’s blue auric field. Enjoy the magical sight of a Moonbow by a waterfall, and surround yourself with the Water Elementals there who share your woes with water to float away. 

Neptune is the ancient Greek god of the sea and is master of the realm of dreams. whose energy can be found in a single moment that lasts forever for everyone everywhere. The spectrum of experience all happens at once, similar to when medicine speaks, or when you speak with your soul-self and where in the kingdom of water elementals dance to music. They are all interconnected, commonly sharing the infinite oneness of collective consciousness, guided by Neptune. In its most positive sense Neptune is when you touch goddess-like consciousness in heightened states of awareness. Also in its most negative sense, addiction to toxic highs that dissolve reality. Neptune is your ability to co-create the life of your dreams, the same one you feel in your heart is your moonshot ambition. Neptune is also known as Orpheus, the only god to have walked into the shadows of the underworld, granted passage for his music to bring back his love from the dead. A dream made real by beauty & love. 

Pluto the ruler of the underworld is the god of death & rebirth. Farthest away from the light of the Sun, he is ruler of the underworld bringing you into contact with darker parts of your shadow-self. The polarizing effect of Pluto on your psyche means it will bring change no matter what the cost, be it psychological or physical death. Through Plutonic energy you become an agent of alchemy’s dimension of experience. When we connect with the god of the underworld, remember there cannot be any darkness without light. Your shadow-self wants to feel unconditional love in oneness with your soul-self and the universe. Ultimately put to death parts of your lower frequency vibrational energy that no longer serve your greatest good. This is how Pluto creates space, for light to pour into your wounds, and for love to rise again like for Neptune.

The Water Signs   

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is naturally attuned to the fourth house. Its modal quality is Cardinal, making it an initiator and the emotional pulse of the zodiac, whose feelings run deep intuitively caring for others. In ancient Egypt the sign was known as the Scarabaeus in honor of the scarab whose mythic powers are associated with immortality and the underworld. They are reflective of the regenerating cycles of the Moon. Cancerians have the capacity to hold an endearing mother-like quality that nurtures as psychologists of soul tribes.  

Scorpio is a unique sign unlike most of the other dualistic symbols in the Zodiac, there are not one, yet three totems attributed to this sign; the scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix. Ruled by Pluto it poses the power of alchemy to transform its inner process and external circumstances into desired states. Similar to how water transitions energy through the platonic solids of other elements. A scorpion is an exoskeleton creature that knows the underworld with death & rebirth as a natural born process. This sign alive in your birth chart possesses the ability to move you from base level emotions to higher states of consciousness by working with the Water element.

Pisces symbol of the twin fish swimming in different directions brings the wheel of fortune full circle. One swims towards enlightenment with the universal heavens, and the other back to Earth in the personal and societal segments of a humanistic life. Ruled by Neptune this sign brings out your creative force for visions, dreams and is a magical force in you. This sign is boundless, it takes Venesian human love to Neptunium unconditional love. The zodiac closes the year off from Winter with empathy and forgiveness to allow light to pour in with Aries Fire.

The Watery Houses: 

Water is associated with the flow of emotions in the form of feelings, this energy is always in a lively state of transformation. While the Sun is your higher conscious ego and the Moon is your subconscious feelings, the Watery houses tend to deal with experiences beneath the surface level of consciousness. 

The 4th House is angular due to the active change that takes place entering a new quadrant on the birth chart. This shift draws energy previously internally focused on your introverted self, towards how you live as an introvert with others. A new sense of oneness emerges in your psyche on the cusp of personal life, as you stage yourself for drama in society. The 4th governs your family and home environment, as such your early years influence your emotional foundations in adulthood. Nevertheless roots are continually sown and watered to regrow or sprout up like mushrooms anywhere anytime, if so you desire it.  

The 8th House is succedent, being positioned in the center of a quadrant, where the natural feeling is to stabilize energy with reliable consistency. Here relationships evolve into shared property, shared intimacy and shared bonding. This is a place where you and other individuals merge into forming a sens of security that transcends your relationship through the aether, behind the viel. This is the house where you can discover the occult and hidden aspects of your soul journey experience by allowing yourself to take the value you have and share it with others. 

The 12th House is cardinal meaning it initiates the process of change for you to bring closure and endings to where they need to be in your life. Governed by Pisces ruled by Neptune, you are asked to answer the calling of the universe. To re-member your soul-self with the collective consciousness after all you have done since your epic first be-earth-day. This field of experience is dream reality, its your life storyline. Here all you have taken can be given back, best in gratitude and oneness with the universe through uncocnditional love, healing ancestral karma. 

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