Natural Astrology for Solar Path Exploration 

Similar to how you have a genetic code in your DNA that governs your physiology, you have another code that governs your psyche. The long molecule resembling a spiral ladder gene contains a microcosm which the ancients saw as a dual aspect to the macrocosm, ever present in the heavens of the sky. Together guiding the connection between your body, mind and soul. They understood a starmap could draw threads of nature’s intelligence binding the microcosm and the macrocosm, giving rise to the fable ‘as above, so below, as within, so without’. The starmap could snapshot time and space outlying where each planet was positioned in the sky the moment you were born from the perspective of where you were born on Earth. A starmap called your Birth chart, considered to the blueprint of your Solar path or Soul journey. 

The art of astrology has five pillars to orchestrate emotions and events. Those are the Elements, the Planets, the Zodiac, the Houses and the Aspects. A natural hierarchy exists with the Elements being the most essential form of energy, through them dimensions of experience form in the energy of the Planets. Each planet rules one of the Zodiacs, and each Zodiac sign governs one of the Houses. The Aspects complement energies into Houses, where as a human you can relate them to matters of modern life. 

  • The Elements are the essencial types of energy in the physical universe
  • The Planets are dimensions of experience formed by each type of Element
  • The Zodiacs are qualities of experience, characteristics applied to each type of Planet
  • The Houses are fields of experience, where Zodiacs & Planets playout a real life drama
  • The Aspects activate experience by inner planet emotions & outer planet external events 

The Elements 

On Earth your life story unfolds as your unique solar path. While your Soul Journey can be a complicated adventure, it simply needs balance with the Elements to create harmony. This plane of existence is part of a physical universe consisting of four elements representing the varies states of matter: Fire brings light, Air flows as gas, Earth is solid and Water as liquid. 

Through Fire we draw in energy from the aether. Air allows energy to flow into the mental plane, where the patrix exists as patterns of thought. Air is the element centre stage today, uplifting humanity to survive and thrive past the dark ages, as unconditional love flows in with the Age of Aquarius. The Universe is Mind. When thoughts form, they gather energy to become structured and manifest in the matrix, where physical matter is with Mother Earth. As you connect to her nature your energy too becomes grounded. When here on Earth you can then feel the energetic experience emotionally, as energy transforms into Water. The Great Water spirit guiding your body, mind and soul connection through nature’s intelligence, brings all the astrological Elements together full fold, as they literally come to life in you. 

Each of the Elements have Elementals associated with them. These sentient beings can be called upon to support your solar path journey, like your guardian angel.

The Planets 

Nature’s intelligence is woven into the fabric of space and time. Nature exists within Mother Earth and yet is everywhere throughout our universe. One of the seven sacred planets Venus brought nature to Earth for her younger sister to elevate in vibrational frequency. She would do this by her natives experiencing love. Neptune is considered to be the higher octave of Venus as love evolves unconditionally, deepening your connection with the universal consciousness. The Solar system is a local neighborhood in a vast universe. Nature, and you as a part of her, survive and thrive here, supported by the celestial bodies in your natural solar system habit: 

Sun placement is your Solar path for spiritual enlightenment and alignment with your soul self Moon is your bond to the Great Mother and her feminine energy. Body & emotional intelligence Mercury channelling all communication of knowledge, and mindful medium of body & soul Venus is human love & beauty. Your passions and desires from inner childhood to adulthood Mars is active force to attain what you love. To be challenged and act. Achieve your desires Jupiter the great benefactor naturally grows anything in your life by expansion & higher learning Saturn the bringer of lessons. The ruler of time, routine and responsibility. Be the Author. Chiron the centaur, the wounded healer, the wounded explorer. Music, medicine and maps. North Node lighthouse or compass to realign in the direction of your Solar path. Your destiny. Uranus the sky god of freedom. Radical, rebellious and progressive. Innovation in all forms. Neptune creative force, god of the dream realm. Your connection to universal consciousness. Pluto the god of transformation and alchemy. Death & Rebirth. Ruler of the underworld. 

The Houses 

Your Birth chart is split into four quadrants that together come full circle in oneness with the universe. Below the horizontal center line, represents the nighttime and subconscious, while above is the day time and conscious ego. The horizonline is your Ascendant also called your Rising sign, it’s a coloured lens and perspective of your soul journey. The Zodiac on the horizon was what your soul first set sight on, where your astrological solar path began. 

The first quadrant represents the soul’s journey through your innermost self and inward reflection of soulfulness. This is an introverted place of personal development and internal focus, a quiet space for your soul-self to learn values, how you think and feel. The second quadrant maintains an internal focus while extending it toward interpersonal relationships. Bringing your domestic environment and family into the picture. Here your soul can explore creativity and the concept of fun work-life balance. The third quadrant explores interpersonal relationships with an external focus. Your ego is extroverted, engaging with others, as the external world and relations make meaningful impacts at a soul-level. The fourth quadrant brings an external focus back into the personal realm, where your extroverted self realizes professional achievement. You return from society to embark on more personal pursuits with others that resonate more with your soul-self. As it takes three legs to make a stool a stable

seat for your body, mind and soul; the birthchart upholds your solar path by a spectrum of experiences segmented into personal, societal and universal. 

There are twelve houses the make up the full cicle wheel of fortune in your birthchart: 

1st House governed by Aries ascending new beginnings, attitudes of yourself and beliefs

2nd House governed by Taurus creating value through morals, talents skills, assets, resources

3rd House governed by Gemini is communication, your siblings and worldly neighbours

4th House governed by Cancer is family, roots and emotional foundations

5th House governed by Leo is fun and creativity, relationships flirtatious and experimental

6th House governed by Virgo is health and fitness, and acts of service giving to humanity

7th House governed by Libra is relationships in love and all forms matured from the 5th house

8th House governed by Scorpio shares property, intimacy and bonding beyond the veil. Occult.

9th House governed by Sagitarrius is travel and higher learning, mastery and spirituality

10th House governed by Capricorn is career, work and your public image

11th House governed by Aquarius is communities, tribes, groups of friends and societies

12th House governed by Pisces is endings, closure and spirituality bound in ancestory karma 

The Aspects 

These are activations of energy, from within us and by the world outside. They are orchestrated by one of the fundamental liberal arts of astrology, geometry. With 360° in a circle the planets are positioned according to where they were placed along the Zodiac belt the moment you were born. When you drew your first breath, you took in the frequencies of energy magnified by planets that met at sacred angles. These are known as the Natal Aspects, and reflect how nature grows life in ways that resonates with it’s habit. “Intelligence is woven into the very fabric of life, which is reflected upon the ability of humans to process information from their surroundings, interpret communications, and regulate themselves to maintain a dynamic state of equilibrium with their external environment. This process is referred to as self-organization, various parts at play coming into synchrony with one another to create new levels of wholeness and complexity“ [1]. The Natal Aspects personalize how your psyche is attuned to strengths, weakness, threats and opportunities along the soul journey. As a means to improve its function we are given gifts and challenges along the way in the framework of Transiting Aspects. These aspects are the planets as they are in the sky at any given moment. The art of astrology learns how to navigate the crossover of natal and transiting aspects. You can’t stop the waves from crashing, yet you can learn to surf them. 

At certain angels they form Aspects, these are characterised by degree, some are easy and others difficult. Ultimately they are here for our greater good. Each aspect is coloured by a Zodiac sign according to the size of the degree and number of Houses it hypothetically stretches across from the ascendant. 

Conjunction 0° two planets are so close together they share energy as one – Aries. Sextile 60° is an opportunity to be had that can occur more easily and frequently.

Square 90° creates friction to summon greater strength and overcome a threat or weakness Trine 120° is a gift from the universe that you can use to become the hero of your journey Opposition 180° is a tug of war between to energise challenging you to bring the into oneness 


All these principles get to the heart of astrology, and the purpose of the astrologer to engage people and help them create the change they seek. The Zodiacs are nature’s language. Astrology is a language of energy and of the Soul. To help translate so that you can become the author of your soul journey narrative, an astrologer must understand your worldly perspective. To talk and interpert in ways that align with who you are and what you want. 

Astrology ruled by Uranus is one of the earliest forms of innovation, for your soul-self to connect with the universe. A technology where the term predates ancient Greece, τέχνη, meaning ‘knowledge of how to make things’. Neptune is here to help you create the life of your dreams. Pluto helps out to death those parts of you that no longer serve your greatest good. 

Astrologers connect people to their soul-selves and with one another. Through astrology you re-member you are one with nature and the universe. Your solar pathway guided by nature’s intelligence is always helping you reach towards your higher self for the greater good of the collective consciousness. Studying your birth chart is a helpful way to make life easier. The fun part of the adventure is unveiling yourself transformed through alchemy, as the authentic hero of your soul journey narrative. On Mother Earth nature shares time & space for your soul-self to meet universal consciousness with unconditional love.

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