Maat is the Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Justice

I am Maat, seeker of justice.
Challenger of all things unreal
All things unkind.
There is no true intimacy
In lies and secrets
In hidden thoughts
Words unspoken
I will not dally; will not keep company
With twisted minds
That idolize distorted faces
Worship manmade alters.
I will not follow the wrong God home
While missing my own star,
I am Maat
Seeker of justice
Destroyer of ignorance
Challenger of all things
All things unkind.
Who, with a sharp sword of light
The Lions roar of emptiness
Will not embody what is not mine.
Cutting through illusion
With a glance
A word
A breath
Scattering deception to the winds.
I have a belly of truth
That wretch nauseous
When lies and deceit
Hidden thoughts
Words unspoken, come preying
Praying even
For false refuge
Expel this thing
It does not belong here
But in some other realm
Banish it backwards in time
Back to where history deposited it

Through ignorance of truth
Banish it now into the
Primordial chaos
Into the gap once again
Deliver a second chance
Mingle now with light, with space
Compassionate heart alive
Passionate Liberation.
I am Maat
Demanding truth
Demanding justice
I am she who liberates.

Mary Sky
You are the Sky
Everything else is just the weather
Pema Chodron

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Mary Sky
Mary Sky
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