Glynis Downey

Meet Glynis Downey

Glynis is a Counseling Psychotherapist with over 20 years experience which she does face to face or online.  As an experienced Therapist she works with a wide range of problems and Issues from Trauma, Depression. Anxiety, bereavement ,sexual ,physical and emotional abuse. Over the years she has developed her intuitive abilities which helps clients get to the bottom of what is causing their problems and issues.

 As a Shamanic Practitioner, Glynis works with Soul Retrieval, Extractions, Journeying, and teaches clients to integrate their Shamanic healing after the treatment . For Glynis, Shamanism opened up an exciting wonderful world of healing for clients. As a Holistic Massage Therapist she has 25 years experience in Swedish Holistic Massage/Deep Tissue/Elderly persons massage .Also hot Bamboo massage from China. She practices from a Mind, Body and Spiritual perspective making her massage a Unique experience. Glynis spent 38 years as a front line nurse in London so was faced with many tough challenges. In 2015 she traveled to Peru taking a Shamanic Pilgrim with 2 Shamans and their team. It was a life changing experience. During the next 17 months she left nursing and moved to Ireland and set up her business on the Galway and Roscommon borders. Glynis welcomes you to her Sacred space Crows feet Cabin. Set in a peaceful, private and rural setting which allows her to tune into her clients to help them on their healing journey.

Glynis is a MBACP member of the British association of Counselors and Psychotherapists.

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Phone/WhatsApp: +353852514394