Crimson Welcome

Crimson Welcome

By Siân Williams

I heard the Earth speak to me this morning,
As I bled on her bosom, the day adorning.
In the sacred dance of life’s creation,
A celebration of menstruation, a divine sensation.

The crimson flow, a monthly symbol of rebirth,
A connection to the cosmos, a mystical mirth.
On Mother Earth’s embrace, I lay,
In the joy of bleeding, a blissful ballet

The soil beneath, a comforting bed,
As I release the essence, the lifeblood I shed.
A cycle of nature, in sacred rhyme,
In the rhythm of bleeding, a timeless chime.

The Earth whispered secrets, ancient and wise,
As I feel the pleasure in cyclical ties.
In the ebb and flow of the lunar tide,
I find solace in my womb, where no more secrets hide.

The trees stood witness, their branches swaying,
In this sacred moment, the Earth was saying,
“Your essence, a gift to the land,
A union of joy, both tender and grand.”

So, I embrace the pleasure, of this sacred art,
Of bleeding on Earth, for she holds my heart.
In the harmony of cycles, my cosmic home,
Now I remember I am never alone.

A Poem by Siân Williams

Image credits: unsplash — Grant McCurdy / Jagjeet Dhuna

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Siân Williams
Siân Williams
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