Wild Heart

With Jenny Ní Ruiséil & Chrissie Chung


2nd-5th August

here’s a Vedic meditation practice called Atmatattva Avalokanam. It’s a practice of connecting to the witness of the witness by looking into the mirror of the heart, so that we might connect with the substance of the soul and then move out into life from there…yum.

For me at least, as it stands, all practices lead back here: to the home of the heart; a source, a sanctuary, a feeling place through which the soul can begin to express itself freely (an expression that often takes on an essence of devotion and the deeper feeling of connection to both ourselves and the world around us).

Jenny @jennybean108 and I are so excited to be weaving together various practices of the heart across a long weekend retreat, amongst the beautiful potent lands of Ireland.

Experience the medicine of practice, and a returning to the heart through yoga, meditation, cacao, herbs, tea, chanting, movement, and nature (our greatest teacher and healer).

Wild Heart: The Heartworks Immersion ~ 2nd-5th August 2024; Leitrim Ireland

Re-wilding the heart is not an act of reckless abandon, and rather a returning to what is innate and true. To be tuned into the wisdom of life itself and choose our response from there.

To find out more click the link Feel free to reach out to either of us if you have any questions.

Payment plans are available at request – please just let us know what you would need in order for this to feel spacious for you, and where we can assist we absolutely will.