Reiki Shoden

Level One Initiation

Roots Wellness Studio, The Quay, Ballina, Co.Mayo

Saturday September 1st & Sunday October 1st



I have been a Reiki Practitioner, Master & Teacher for over 16 years now, and yes I am still learning.

I offer this unique & comprehensive experience to you with a knowing that we are all on the path of evolution & enlightenment and this will unfold further when you receive your Level one attunements.

I have an awareness that we are working directly from Source Energy so I create a Sacred Space where you will learn & heal, receive attunements & transmissions, deepen your connection to Source & Self, develop a sensitivity to frequencies and expand your consciousness.

I teach in a relaxed, inclusive manner, knowing that you also carry your own wisdom and medicine within and I welcome and embrace that fully.

I have a background in:

💙Massage + Body work

💎Crystals + Grids

🧝‍♂️Dowsing + Pendulums

💧Homeopathy + Homebirth

⚡Meditation + Manifestation

🍀Shamanism + Alchemy

This all adds to the potency of the weekend and your on-going learning with me.


Reiki is one word in a multitude of many to explain Universal Energy. Usui is the Line I trained in and teach, and will also become your lineage. However, I have gained so much more insight and wisdom over the years and I share this with you too so you can be the most informed and supported version of yourself.WE LEARN & ABSORB:

🙌🏼 History & evolution of Reiki

⚡ What it is, how it works, what you can use it for

🌈Chakra system and subtle bodies

🧠Organs + glands

💎Crystal’s and dowsing

🌟 Self healing & vibrational elevation of your consciousness


⭐Reiki Shoden attunement initiation + activation, upgrade + integration

📕Sage & Seer Reiki Manual & Workbook

⚜Sage & Seer Certificate 

🌕 Twenty eight day container post attunement chakra journey portal

🌈Set of Sage & Seer Chakra frequencies 

💜1:1 session post chakra journey

🙌🏼 Reiki shares community


Saturday 30th September

Sunday 1st October


10:00-16:00 (both days)

👑FULL PRICE: €300:00

DEPOSIT: I require a €100:00 to secure your spot  

NOTE # deposit transferable but non refundable



WhatsApp +353860264721

Blessings Janey