With Jenny Ní Ruiséil

Strandhill, Co.Sligo

27th July

HEARTWORKS: Ritual of Heart
with Jenny Ní Ruiséil
Saturday 27th July

Join Jenny for an immersion into practice.

HEARTWORKS is an opportunity to explore the roots of why we practice;
The Heart of the matter; the why, the nudge, the impulse towards growth & learning that we learn to recognise more & more along the path of our own unfolding.

  • ✨️ Come along if practices like yoga, pranayama, cacao, somatic free movement and meditation are your thing.
  • ✨️ Come along if you’re curious, if you have a heart & a voice that would like to express themselves a bit more.
  • ✨️ Come along if you long for community, for souls that ‘get’ it, for a place to share your heart, your voice, your movement without judgement or expectation.
  • ✨️ Come along, to honour your heart.

When: Saturday 27th July
Time: 1pm – 6pm
Location: Kindred Studios, Strandhill. Sligo.

Book here:

Full details on our website www.kindredstudios.ie

💕 All are welcome. This space is for YOU!!