Sensual Dance

I discovered Sensual Dance just over a year ago. I was someone who always loved and longed to dance. Never quite able to find the right style of dancing for myself, I settled on the belief that I wasn’t a dancer.

My mum and sister Line Danced for years, and created a bond together, friendships, fun and memories. I envied what they had, for I tried it and couldn’t do it. I was never able to fully wrap my head around the moves, steps and choreography without getting confused and frustrated. 

Then I was introduced to Sensual Dance – a form of dancing that requires no moves, no steps, no choreography. – just your own natural rhythm. Closing your eyes, shutting off the idea of doing it a certain way and just following where your body wants to go. 

It can be hard to turn off our self-criticism. Especially when being vulnerable and dancing in a circle of women. That’s where Mama Cacao comes in. She opens your heart, allowing you to drop into your body, and FEEL rather than THINK. It comes naturally. 

We are all natural dancers. Sensual Dance is just about tapping into that natural rhythm and allowing the energy to flow how it wants to.

It is a beautiful, embodied practice that can facilitate grounding, energy release, physical movement and FUN.

Sensual Dance does not mean Sexual Dance, though it can! As the name suggests, it is a SENSE! It is feeling, seeing, touching, hearing. When engaged in Sensual Dance everything is heightened. Your connection to self is strengthened and you are free from restriction. 

It is the most beautiful and most natural way to move and connect with our bodies.

If you are interested in connecting to a Women’s Circle where Cacao, Sensual Dance and Sharing come together to create Self Love and Connection, DM on Instagram at @_mindlesslymindful_ or contact me by email at

Grá Mná

Jess Paget

MindlesslyMindful x

Image Credit Pexels Anna Tarazevich / Cottonbro Studio

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