It’s time to speak up
Time to no longer stand by
Saying nothing
It’s time to act
Time to retract
Time to think again
Time to call him or her out
To question statements
That fall ugly on the soul
Time to not nod yes when you mean a vehement no
Because you have lost your voice somewhere
Along the way.
Time to scream this is no longer ok
Time to stand up for each other
For children
For women
For men
For the elders
When the ignorance of others
Throw toxic darts that pain.
Time to say NO

Don’t do that, don’t say that
Time to say NO to abuse
To racism
To marginalization of humans
By humans
Time to act like we are all one family
Not strangers in competition
For air, for breath.
Time to say NO
To the raping of our planet
Time to stop poisoning our great Mother Gaia and ourselves
Time to stop and begin agin
With gratitude
With humility.
Time to turn rage and anger
To action
To passion
To stop the destruction
Time to inform the ignorance
To become the prayer
To transform.
Become life, not death.
Time for the tantra, the mantra
The thread that holds it all together.

Time for the cauldron
The stirring
Rethinking how it’s done.
Time for the heart to restart
To reboot
Reset its original intention/
Time to be smart
To be clear
Don’t be mistaken
It’s time to awaken.

A Poem by Mary Sky

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Mary Sky
Mary Sky
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