Pay Attention

Pay attention to your life
Do not reduce yourself to the worst thing you have done
Or the worst thing that’s happened to you.
Its deep
Creative minds are imprisoned in a systems sickness
You have a right to express
Transformation happens to humans
Maybe depression is a by road, a byway
To those depths
To Liberation?
Pay Attention
Get off the path of least resistance
Dig deeper into yourself
Try something new
Don’t be bound by specialization
Be confused
Be frustrated
Be wrong
Be right
It doesn’t matter
Something new is emerging
Pay attention.
Seek novelty
Be somewhere between the familiar and the new
Push boundaries to where the sweet spot lives
Explore the range of possibilities.
Be everything
Then be nothing
Explore new territories.
Be out of time
On that boundary of the possible
Do not be afraid of failure
Phoenix rises from ashes
Be brave
Pay Attention.
We are not here for mediocracy
That’s been done.

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Mary Sky
Mary Sky
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