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We see Saoro becoming an evolving Community space with a variety of wonderful contributors

A forum with an open invitation to all who wish to share their experiences on this incredible journey back to self. Promoting openness and dialogue and cohesion in our diversity.

In the coming months we’ll be compiling a registry of Shamanic practitioners and holistic therapists by area.

An upcoming events page for Users to promote their Ceremonies, Workshops, Gigs, Exhibitions, Classes, Groups and more!! New ideas will always find a warm welcome.

A selection of heavenly Ceremonial Cacao from around the world straight to your door. With some delicious recipes to accompany from David our resident Chocolatier.

Saoro supporting Indigenous communities

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Astrology with Kim

Kim will be sharing his incredible passion and understanding on astrology. With  roots and emotional foundations he has strong bonding with two of the worlds magical ancient cultures.

He has been studying astrology for 20 years and practices a blend of psychological and natural astrology based on nature’s intelligence. 

More about kim

Comprehensive Practitioner Listing

Practitioner Directory

We are building the most comprehensive listing of Shamanic practitioners and holistic therapists in ireland.

We’re hoping this will help people find out what therapies are available to them in their local areas and also help practitioners reach out to more people.

Getting out and about

Saoro Events

Our goal is to offer Cacao ceremonies in different locations in all four provinces bringing this beautiful heart opening medicine to every corner of Ireland. We will also be running Saoro Cacao facilitator training weekend courses for groups in the coming months.

These courses are for those who wish to share this beautiful medicine with others or who just wish to deepen their own connection to Cacao.

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What is happening in the community

Practitioner Event Promotion

With so many amazing events and retreats happening across Ireland we’ve decided to create an events guide to keep everyone in the loop. That way we don’t miss anything! 

Team Saoro are creating a facility for people to promote their Ceremonies, Workshops, Gigs, Exhibitions, Classes, Groups and more through our website and social media. So whatever you’re organizing over the next 12 months whether it’s a weekly class or a one off event let us know and we will add it to our page.

Cacoa Recipes

David our resident Chocolatier will be regularly posting delicious  Cacao and other plant medicine recipes to inspire your cooking to new heights!


Happy clients are the Best Reward

deirdre gleeson
Deirdre Gleeson

I’ve been working intensively with cacao for several months & have found it completely transformative in my life. It anchors my morning meditation and energy practice, keeps me in greater presence throughout the day & has opened up my intuition/perception in a very noticeable way.

Vivienne & Patrick’s commitment to sustainability and the well-being of everyone involved in the making of the cacao they sell is also very important to me.

Nicola O’Driscoll

It’s such an honour and blessing to be able to connect and work with this plant medicine every day. There is such an amazing energy from Pachamama Cacao. It creates such a smooth, rich, powerful, yet gentle medicine which can be used daily to support you through your day. A superfood in every way. And I’m truly blessed to be able to share this medicine with others. A ceremonial dose of Pachamama will take you on an amazing journey. Since working with this beautiful heart opening medicine and connecting with Mama Cacao, my life has transformed.

Ciara O’Donnell

Pacha mama cacao is my favourite cacao, the smoothest, most divine taste- it fills my heart and being with self love with each sip.

This cacao doesn’t need much to taste good and is enough on its own without sweetener but you can depending on your preferences. I couldn’t recommend this delicious cacao more.

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