Finding Yourself

Soul Retrieval Workshop

Shannon Estuary Way Retreat Center

Saturday/Sunday 29th and 30th of April

The Irish School of Shamanic Studies & The Shannon Estuary Way Retreat center

are proud to announce the second in our series of two day Shamanic workshops. This second workshop is called “Finding yourself” Soul retrieval in the modern world. This two day Shamanic workshop takes place on Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th of April. Over the course of our lives we have lost many different versions of ourselves through frights, traumas and negative events. Each time a piece of us leaves through these experiences, we inevitable become weaker, our natural energetic immune system is compromised and we become susceptible to illness of many forms. This is known as Soul fragmentation. To truly heal, it is vitally important to gain back these lost parts of ourselves through Shamanic Soul retrieval. This is one of the corner stone areas of Shamanism that helps us with the guidance of the Shaman and Spirit to travel to Otherworlds including the Middleworld to re-connect and gain back what we have lost. This will ultimately help us to become whole again, the true powerful version of ourselves. Bringing us back to our true state, our true selves in our full and deserved power. While we suffer Soul loss/fragmentation we are set off balance from our natural energy field, we can feel lost, confused, fearful, vulnerable, lacking in motivation, low self esteem and the list goes on. In Shamanic philosophy, all mental health conditions are a direct result of Soul fragmentation. All addictions are a result of Soul loss with the common theory being that all addictions are a result of trauma in one shape or form, the  trauma then resulting in Soul loss being the connector between addiction and soul loss. Not alone do we retrieve these lost parts of ourselves through Soul retrieval Shamanic journey healing sessions, we also heal from these past negatives and alleviate and diminish the fears associated with these events. No more a circumstance of past wrongs by others. No more the individual that lives their lives by past negative events. Soul retrieval will give us the opportunity with strength and courage to face these fears with concerted effort, resulting in not alone bringing home your soul pieces but to stand strong and proud in this world void of the fears of the past.   Some key topics in this workshop will include Soul loss through bereavement, sexual & physical abuse, bullying, relation break ups, stolen soul pieces, serious accidents, with addictions being another key topic .. etc. Together lets bring back these ancient healing  practices in the most stunning of ways. 

Facilitated by Aldo Jordon