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Are you an artist, a healing practitioner or on a healing journey? Would you like to share your work with a wider audience for free on our website & social media?

If so we’d love to hear from you!

Saoró accepts blogs on topics relating to healing & personal development, including meditation, breathwork, cacao ceremonies, healing circles, men’s groups, women’s circles, shamanic training & practices etc….

We also believe that artists & those who create in any medium are channelling spirit into form. They have something to teach us through their work & their process — we love to support & showcase this art on If you’re a poet or an artist working in another medium (visual, sculpture, music, other) we’d love to share your work. 

Last but definitely not least – we’re huge proponents of sitting with the beautiful medicine of cacao! If you would like to share your cacao experience – be it recipes, your own cacao journey & relationship or how you use cacao in working with others, get in touch – we’d love to share your story… 

Whatever’s on your mind – why not share it on Saoró?

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At Saoró, we support & collaborate with those on a healing journey – in whatever path this journey takes – whether it be with sacred plants, energy & spiritual practices, shamanism or any other form – so that ultimately our work together flows into the collective field for greater kindness, harmony & creativity

We’re also passionate about the sacred plant medicine of Cacao & how it can help take us deeper into our individual & collective healing journey

Come join us ♥️🦋

Image credits: Alexander Grey / (Unsplash) Anton Vierietin / Joel Klopacka (shutterstock)

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Deirdre Gleeson
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